Can we use smbmount+winbindd to mount user's NT home directory?

Whiteaker-Lewis, Dale Dale_Whiteaker-Lewis at
Mon Jun 11 15:55:52 GMT 2001

    I have an application (SSH gateway in the DMZ) wherein I would like to
avoid all account maintenance on the Linux box for pre-existing users in the
NT domain/AD.  It occurs to me that this could be achieved with the addition
of a small amount of functionality to winbindd and autofs.  This may not be
practical (especially the autofs part), but I thought it might have been
considered already and accepted or rejected for inclusion.  
    To the point, is there any plan to provide the functionality necessary
to use the user's NT home share as the user's linux home directory, with
winbindd deriving the information from domain controller and somehow passing
it through to the autofs system (again, I may not be making sense here)?
This would be instead of, or in addition to, the existing home directory
template feature.
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