Winbind bug ?

Tom Horan thos at
Mon Jun 11 10:40:40 GMT 2001

I got Winbind from CVS about 2 days ago. It compiled fine I have my
nsswitch.conf changed, pam files changed, smb.conf updated with uid, gid

I think I have a bug or else I am just trying to push Winbind too far. I
have 6 domains all trusting each other, samba is a member of one of them.
When I start winbindd with '-d 3 -i' I can see it adding trusted domains and
establishing connections - all looks fine.

However, when I try a './wbino -u' it lists the users of the first trusted
domain fine. The first domain has 8 users - but then it lists the following
domains all with the same 8 users when 2 of the domains have over 1500 and
over 300 accounts each.

Is this a bug ?

Oh and when I run 'getent group' - winbind core dumps.


BTW - Samba CVS (7/6/2001), RedHat 7.1, all domains are NT run, no Samba

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