Windows 2000 Roaming Profiles ACL

Josh Hogle hogle at
Mon Jun 11 04:11:12 GMT 2001

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm the only one seeing this or not,
but here's the jist of what I'm seeing.  (This problem occurs
on SAMBA 2.0.7, 2.0.8, and 2.2.0.)

We have our roaming profiles for W2K stored on our UNIX
servers (both FreeBSD and Solaris).  Periodically, a user
will login and receive a message about the roaming profile
copy failing because "Access is denied" on a particular
file.  If you continue your login and then go to Explorer
and view the Security tab for the folder that the file was
supposed to be copied into (in C:\Documents and Settings...),
there are 3 ACEs:
    Unknown SID
    Unknown SID

It's like Windows isn't applying the correct ACLs to the
files when they're getting copied down.  I can't tell if
it's a SAMBA thing or Windows thing.  I do know that if
you blow away the profile and start over, it all starts
working again.  The other thing that works is moving the
profile to a Windows machine.  Neither of these are very
desirable to us at this point.  Has anyone else seen this
problem???  If so, have you found a solution?  Any

Thanks in advance!
Josh Hogle

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