albert skarbat at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 12:17:22 GMT 2001

Hi Jeremy/Andrew:

I am looking forward in participating in the
development of the samba/cifs for unix platforms.
I am a systems developer specialized in windows
nt platforms, where i consider myself quite
advanced. Also I have worked in analysing
network traffic using various sniffers, although
I am not very advanced in understanding it.

I am in the linux world for a few months, which 
means i am still a bit newbie. I have strong C
knowledge. I have strong knowledge of the tcp/ip
stack and quite a lot of the smb traffic. I have
also developed client/server using microsoft's rpc.

I have a mixed network based on 2 windows nt/2000
systems and 2 linux boxes, joined in an ethernet
network, which may be helpful in analysing smb,
specially windows 2000 variants.

I would like to participate in the decoding of
any of the client and server RPCs. I may need
some basic instructions at first in order to
get into it, but have a lot of interest to 
contribute to making samba/cifs a valid alternative.

look forward to hearing from you
best regards

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