how to Access Windows files on D:

Scott Gifford sgifford at
Fri Jun 8 16:17:24 GMT 2001

anuradha <anuradha at> writes:

> Hi !!
> Can anybody help me ??
> I  can access Windows files on C: by using following command
> smbclient //machinename/sharename -U smbclient.
> But wht shld i use to access files from D: or say any other drive.

Other drives should have different "sharename"s, which you can see in
the "Sharing" tab of their properties.

So, for example, if your D drive is shared as "ddrive" with the same
security mode and users as "sharename" above, you would use:

  smbclient //machinename/ddrive -U smbclient

If you don't know what this drive is shared as or what its security
mode is, right-click on it and look at the "Sharing" tab.

Good luck,


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