Samba 2.2.0 problems editing ACLs via NT/Win9x

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Fri Jun 8 01:09:06 GMT 2001

Am 7 Jun 2001, um 13:16 Uhr schrieb Jim McDonough zum Thema Re: Samba 2.2.0 problems editing AC:
Dazu meine Meinung:

> >I can decrypt at least 2 SID above.
> >
> >1-0x5-0x20-0x0220
> >1-0x5-0x15-0x74b49ff8-0x500cebdb-7ff4ba83
> The second SID is probably the user which opened the resource.  At least, I
> believe it is the SID of my local userid on the Win2K box (how should I
> check this?), which has the same userid/password as the domain user I
> logged into the Win98 box with (current 2.2 cvs as PDC).  How would I check
> what the first SID is?
AFAIK the first SID is the well known "SECURITY_BUILTIN_DOMAIN_RID"
1-5-32 which represents the "BUILTIN" domain.

The second SID is a Domain-wide user SID. You could check this with the
"lookupnames" command in rpcclient.

Have You checked the latest MS PlatformSDK documentation? It contains very
detailed documentation on the used functions / structures / RPC code.

Greetings, Osama

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