Speaking of Oplock's

John Kimberly jkimb at kimberlyconsulting.com
Thu Jun 7 19:59:03 GMT 2001

I have been having a terrible time with oplocks and Windows ME.  I am
running RH 7.1 and upgraded to 2.0.8.  I have finally "hacked" oplocks out
of them Windows ME registery just to keep them from crashing, but now they
are really slow.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to configure
samba to support this "new and improved" version of Windows??


Michael Sweet wrote:

> Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > ...
> > I take it this is on a Linux 2.4 kernel ? The EAGAIN error
> > is not usual for a standard open() call. Can you confirm this
> > please ?
> Both IRIX and Linux (at least) can return EAGAIN on regular files:
>      EAGAIN The file exists, O_CREAT or O_TRUNC are specified,
>             mandatory file/record locking is set, and there are
>             outstanding record locks on the file [see chmod(2)].
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