large file support > 2 gig with rh 7.1

Chad samba-technical at
Thu Jun 7 02:35:32 GMT 2001

I just tried that and I still don't have any luck copying the file from the
server to my pc.  I edited the Makefile (see below) and did 'make', then
'make install'.


I checked the debug and couldn't really make much sense of why it wasn't
working.  There has to be something else that I'm missing.


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> The makefile generated by configure does not include all of the flags you
> need.  You must manually add in CFLAGS = -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 (add to
> current CFLAGS line of the makefile) and that will give you large file
> support...
> At 12:12 PM 6/6/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> >I installed Samba version 2.2.0-alpha3 from source, and as far as I can
> >it was compiled with large file support.  My Makefile has the following
> >line:
> >
> >[root at concert source]# grep LARGE Makefile
> >
> >I am running redhat 7.1.  Using the samba 2.2.0 installed from rpm before
> >could not even see the 2.8 gig file in the shared drive, now I can see
> >file using the samba compiled from source.  However, I can't copy the
> >Permissions are ok.
> >
> >I guess I could turn on some debugging and dig in, but if someone has a
> >suggestion that would be good too.
> >
> >Thanks, Chad

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