Using the windows log on to with samba.

DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2) cary_dickens2 at
Wed Jun 6 15:42:26 GMT 2001

Hey all,

I have a question about what the expected behavior is with a specific setup.

Samba 2.2.0 (cvs5252001) with winbind (samba-tng cvs04092001) configured and

MIB2 is a domain controlled by an NT4 PDC.(members are Larry, Moe, and
MIB3 is a domain controlled by a W2K PDC.(members are J,K and A)
MIB4 is a Resource domain that is mixed.
These are trust all relationship between the domains.
We have a fileserver joined to the MIB4 domain running Samba.

Say user05 logs into the MIB2 domain or MIB3 domain. They can browse and use
all the shares available to them on the fileserver just as you would expect.

The problem arises when you limit user05 to logging in to Moe on MIB2 or K
on MIB3.  Then when you try to browse or connect to any of the shares on the
fileserver, you are challenged or denied.  If I use a windows box as the
file server, then the shares are visible.

I'm not sure where to look to find out what is going on.  Any help in this
area would be appreciated.

Cary Dickens

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