Access to paradox tables is slowed down and takes 5 times longer that a peer to peer network.

Dennis French dfrench at
Wed Jun 6 14:03:48 GMT 2001


I hope someone out there can help me with the problem.  I have configured
and changed everything I knew to solve the problem.  It seems that the speed
only effects the software using paradox databases.  The software on a
standard windows 98 network station mapped to the test machine opens in 9
seconds everytime.  But when I access the files on the Samba Share Device
the time is increased to 35 seconds.  I modified the socket options to Swat
Suggestion, I modified Samba to show as a Win95 Machine.  I have tested the
ping time of the network from workstation to workstation and compared that
to workstation to Server.  Everything was equal.
I have checked to see if it had to do with premissions, but th is seemed not
to help.

After changing to win95 machine I did get two of the workstations to run the
software from the server and teh software load the data in 9 seconds several
times.  Note that this did occur after the business hours so the network was
not busy.  But this morning when the staff returned they reported that
nothing had changed.  Today the total number of stations on the network
accessing the software at the same time would be 5 employees.

It seems that none of the  other networked software is having any problems.
Does anyone have any suggestion that I can use to help solve this problem.
For example is there a way to determine the response time of each samba
request, is there a command that I use to see the packet sizes that samba is
sending or better yet a suggestion to fix the problem.

By the way I have tested the DNS server and the DHCP server to make sure
that there was not a delay in looking up the local host.  The test showed no
delay in responding.

I appreciate any help..

Dennis French

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