Samba 2.2.0 problems editing ACLs via NT/Win9x

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Mon Jun 4 19:27:21 GMT 2001

>I have a problem in samba 2.2.0 (latest attempt was  on the CVS version
from 30/5/01) that I have previously posted, but without  any response,
>not even commiserations 8-(.
>We mainly have Win95/98 machines for ouru sers, and would like to give the
file authors the ability to control who  can access their documents, but
>herein lies the problem.
>I am trying to edit the ACLs on a RH7.0 linux  server with the ACL patch
installed from, but although it now  works fairly
well >from NT4 (browsing users only gives users in the smbpasswd  file, but
a search will give users from /etc/passwd), it won't work from the
security >tab on a Win9x machine with the SRVTOOLS package from the NT4
disks  installed - clicking on any of the three buttons (Permissions,
Auditing >orO wnership) gives a "The procedure number is out of range
error" and the samba  logs (debug level 3) show:
>api_fd_reply: INVALID PIPE HANDLE:0
>The server has security =d omain set and has been successfully added to
the domain (NT4  PDC)
>Has anyone seen this (or hopefully dealt with this), or is this a
fundamental problem with win9x that is insurmountable?

Mike, mine doesn't work either, but I don't get the "The procedure number
is out of range" error at all.  Nothing happens.  No network activity at
all, no matter which button I push (the buttons you mention).  It works
fine for NT4 and Win2K.  I'd like to look at the code, but why isn't Win95
even sending anything to the server?


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