More: Samba panics Sco 5.0.5 Server

Joe Doran joed at
Fri Jun 1 21:34:33 GMT 2001

For those who are interested...

I have tested this in a non SCO environment and I am getting same result.
Also noted that connecting to server initially works. I can see printer
lists, I can add drivers to print$. I can send jobs to print queue. I can
even set properties, page size etc., etc. However subsequent printer
connections start to initialize and then hang. Eventually on SCO this brings
the machine down. Linux appears to be more forgiving however we have noticed
this machine slowing down.

We have also noted that servers handling NT Clients are affected. Our pure
95 networks are not affected.

This Problem ** does not ** effect machines where the client and server are
on high speed connections between subnets. It only shows when connecting
over our leased lines or slow links. This in turn causes problems for local
clients on samba.

Can anyone else verify this is a bug? Failing all else I will have to
reverse out 54 installations of samba. Not a task I am looking forward to


Joe Doran wrote on Sat.

> Hi,
> I have rolled out samba 2.2.0 to approx. 50 Sco Unix and they are
> showing same symptoms. Each server serves approx. 5 to 10 clients. On
> startup memory usage for Streams is around 500 kb. After 2 or 3 days
> this rises to approx. 2mb. As our servers are configured as per a normal
> install we have about 2mb in total. After this happens we are getting
> PANICs on NSTRPAGES complaining more Stream buffers can not be
> dynamically allocated. Shutting down Samba does not release these
> streams. These Panics are new and have only started happening after
> Samba has been installed. Previously VisionFS 3.01 was installed and
> working.  In addition to this we are experiencing problems with NT
> printing. Printers when accessed from a NT4 or 2000 client, from a SAMBA
> server running in server mode, hang in initialization mode. These
> servers are also authenticating against a PDC/BDC over a WAN Link.  Both
> these problems are not visible when utilizing 2.0.7. Is it possible that
> the MS-RPC connections to the printer queues are crashing out and the
> clients are retrying to connect over and over, causing Streams to be
> allocated but not released? If so what should I be looking for in debug
> mode?
> I have seen messages such as :- write_socket_data: write failure. Error
> = Broken pipe.
> One other thing noted the servers are not falling back from SERVER mode
> to local authentication using SMBPASSWD file. I noted this when one of
> our sites lost its link with our HQ. According to documentation in
> SERVER mode authentication should fall back to SMBPASSWD. Is this
> correct?.
> Any pointers would be appreciated.
> Joe.

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