Samba/Linux file locking problem

Ilja V.Levinson lev at
Fri Jun 1 13:26:23 GMT 2001

Hello All,
I'm developing a Samba client for the real-time OS-9 operating
system. I have no problems with servers running any version
of Windows, OS/2, but have one (very unpleasant) with Suse
Linux and Samba 2.0.x.
The customer reports me that file locking doesn't work at all.
Because I have no physical access to his server, he sends me 
the sniffer output with the following command sequence:

1   fid1=open("test", RW)                   ->OK
2      fid2=open("test", RW)                ->OK
3   lock(fid1, from=0, count=10)            ->OK
4      lock(fid2, from=0, count=3)          ->OK ?

I don't know why the server permits the second lock request
for the same file and the same (overlapped) region (line 4).
Windows in this situation report right lock error.

I've read smb.conf documentation about "locking=yes" and 
"strict locking=yes", but this doesn't help.

I need help from any Linux/Samba guru...

Thanks in advance,
  Ilja (please forward the reply if any, to lev[at]

Ilja V.Levinson,        Yekaterinburg, Russia 
OS-9 Software
*        Great talkers are never great doers.

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