Local work-around for Samba memory leak problem (longish)

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Fri Jun 1 02:02:23 GMT 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Keith Farrar wrote:

> Update (minor testing, without code reading/debugging):
>  Created 2000 disk shares on a Red Hat Linux 7.1 box (has more memory
> & faster cpu than my desktop SPARC box). Installed Samba 2.2 from CVS,
> retrieved with "cvs update -rSAMBA_2_2_RELEASE". Started smbtorture on
> another Linux box (50 clients, SMBTORTURE test, 10 operations per
> client, repeat 2000 times...). Parent smbd process seemed stable at
> 9.9 MB (after a few thousand connections). To simulate our production
> environment (where smb.conf includes a frequently changing,
> script-generated local.smb.conf fle), a cron job touches the smb.conf
> file each minute. The Linux parent is still pretty stable (at 11 MB),
> but its children are growing (so far, they've grown to 20 MB).
> Maybe the problem appears in running daemons which detect a change to
> smb.conf and re-read it (and any files smb.conf includes).

Could be.  We haven't seen a significant leak like this in testing
I would be interested in finding this though.

> Question (since I've been asked a couple times about printing):
>  Does smbd re-scan smb.conf or the printer list (e.g. printcap file)
> frequently if printer shares are enabled?

The reason I asked was that reading in the entire printcap can consume a
lot of memory (in past versions).

Cheers, jerry
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