VFS modules / MSDFS tweaking

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Mon Jul 23 23:02:19 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter writes:

> > If there is no "vfs options", how can I pass extra config variables to
> > VFS modules?  Or is it just assumed that VFS modules should not need
> > config options?
> Well....Looks like 'vfs options' exists in param/loadparm.c
> but it not used anywhere in the code.  I can't think of a good
> use for it.  What kind of options were you thinking about?
> To me...a VFS module should not need other options.  These should be
> gotten from the environment if at all.

The idea behind this was that the vfs module could be passed
per-share options using the smb.conf file.  I suppose it's
equally valid that they could be configured using another
configuration file.  It's just that you have all this config file
infrastructure in Samba and it seems as shame not to be able to
use it in a vfs module.

It was hard to think of a nice syntax that would not confuse the
parser though...


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