vuids & tids

Nigel Williams nigel at
Mon Jul 23 21:20:19 GMT 2001

Thanks,  I'm convinced for now.  So the tid represents one resource in a
pool shared between a groups of users.  Any of the users can remove a tid
from the pool or add a new one to the pool at any time?  There must be some
coordination between the users.  What is the best way to experiment with


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Nigel Williams wrote:
> I'm still not clear.  Jeremy, have you seen examples which require the
> credentials of the user accessing a tid to change from those supplied when
> the tid was created?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. That's why the vuid
exists at all in the smb header. If the uid didn't change
under a tid then the vuid would be unneccessary.


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