vuids & tids

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I'm still not clear.  Jeremy, have you seen examples which require the UNIX
credentials of the user accessing a tid to change from those supplied when
the tid was created?


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Gerald Carter wrote:
> Yes.  This sounds correct.  One interesting experiment
> is to use the SU server from the NT 4 SP4 Resource Kit
> and open a command window as another user.  From the normal
> ogon session connect to a share on a Samba server.  Then connect
> to another share on the same server from the SU command window,
> but use the same user account as the previous connection.
> Then you will be able to connect to the first share from
> the SU window.

What happens is when you cd onto the mapped drive in the
second (su'ed) window is that the redirector does a sessionsetupandX
call to get a new vuid, then it starts issuing SMB's with
the new vuid and old tid.

I first saw this about 5 years ago when I was at Vantive
watching an NT service log text onto a Samba mapped drive.


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