Coerce smbclient with -M option to accept -I addr and "fake" netbios name

Neil Goldberg ngoldber at
Mon Jul 23 20:18:44 GMT 2001

It has occured to me it is sufficient to make connections to manipulate
shares with smbclient by using the -I option and a "fake" NetBIOS
name... for example:

smbclient ///PUBLIC -I would work (not without a small
complaint about the "" host not existing)

This is quite useful when creating a web interface to these programs,
where the NetBIOS name of the clients is not available, but the IP is.
However, when using smbclient in messaging mode, the result is not the
same. It seems that you need: a) a valid NetBIOS name or b) a valid
logged on user's name; to send a windows broadcast message to the
machine. Is there any way to make it work directed by an IP address,
without any other information? Is there a solution that exists outside
of a modification to client/client.c ?

Thanks in advance,
Neil Goldberg
MITRE Corporation

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