smbclient, unicode, and winnt

Frank Giessler giessler at
Fri Jul 20 11:17:01 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I haven't subscribed this list though I thought you might be interested.
This might have been addressed before but I couldn't find a solution.

I'm trying to backup our NT4 and Win2k workstations with smbclient (2.2.1a
running on Solaris 2.6): 

    smbclient //server/C$ -U administrator -W server -Tc tar.out

but all files and directories containing international characters (and
only those) produce an error, e.g.:

ERRDOS - ERRbadfile (File not found.) listing

I tried with different settings for 'valid chars', 'character set', and
'client code page' in smb.conf but without success. There is no problem
when accessing Win9x machines. I should note that it works flawlessly the
other way round (i.e. accessing such files on a samba server from an NT
workstation), so I think it might be a problem with smbclient.

After experimenting a bit I found that the following modification to
dos_PutUniCode() makes it work:

*** util_unistr.c.sav   Fri Jul  6 04:01:36 2001              ---
util_unistr.c       Fri Jul 20 09:28:28 2001              ***************                                             

*** 68,74 ****                                               
                if (skip == 2)                               
                        val = ((val << 8) | (src[1] & 0xff));
                ret += 2;                                    
                len -= 2;                                    
                if (skip)                                     --- 68,74
                if (skip == 2)                               
                        val = ((val << 8) | (src[1] & 0xff));
                ret += 2;                                    
                len -= 2;                                    
                if (skip)                                    

I'm aware that this could break other things. But maybe it's worth to look
at it.

Cheers, Frank

 Frank Giessler
 Klinikum der Universitaet Jena               Tel.: +49-3641-9 35259
 Biomagnetisches Zentrum                      Fax : +49-3641-9 35355

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