HEAD works with Japanese? (Re: meeting with SUGJ)

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.gr.jp
Thu Jul 19 19:23:58 GMT 2001

>>The main things are:
>>- the head branch does mostly work with Japanese, with some
>>  exceptions. 
>But on my laptop, HEAD branch still does not work with Japanese. 
>I will examine this later.

At last HEAD branch with UCS2-LE patch works with doing "make
distclean" :-)

At the meeting we examined only against Japanese Windows 2000, so I
examined against Japanese Windows 98.

With unix charset = UTF8, writing is almost successfull except around
SFN that Andrew pointed out, but looking at the filenames from
Windows, they are all broken though they are correctly written on
UNIX filesystem.

With unix charset = EUC-JP/CP932, writing is failed to write
0x8161(in SJIS, 0x2225 in UCS2) in case of EUC-JP and  0x8160(in SJIS,
0xFF5E in UCS2) in case of CP932. 

And in case of CP932, filenames written are correctly displayed from
Windows, but not from EUC-JP.

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