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Thu Jul 19 16:00:06 GMT 2001

Jerry wrote:
> Just as a reminder, I'm moving the retreival of 8.3 filename into
> the VFS.  The setting of short name should be done upon creation or at
> least handled by the VFS module.

Yes. yes. yes!  :-)

It needs to be in the VFS layer because, if it is, then someone can store
the mangled names in the (VFS) filesystem instead of a tbd database.  (Or 
perhaps they still use tdb, but it's hidden by the VFS layer.)

I have heard rumors of people (mainly server platform vendors) working on
VFS layers to either add feature support or interface with their own
special-purpose filesystems.  Adding a mangled name mapping to their own
VFS layer should be easy, particularly if Jerry provides a working

Simo:  There is a mangled name cache.  I rewrote it a while ago but the
       cache is just that--a cache.  Name mappings can 'fall out' of the
       cache if it gets full, and it is not persistant.  It's entirely 
       stored in memory.

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