How does one debug smbd?

eric steadle esteadle at
Wed Jul 18 21:31:38 GMT 2001

This should probably be a FAQ but I can't find the
piece of magic that I need to make it work.

I'd like run smbd in a debugger (gdb is fine)
interactively, but when I do so, I get tripped up by
the following line of code in server.c:

    if (!is_daemon && !is_a_socket(0)) 

The debug message below this line leads me to believe
that standard input is not a socket, but not being a
daemon wizard, that doesn't mean much to me. What is
this line of code doing, exactly? 

More to the point, how do I get smbd not to fork, and
to run in my debugger so I can trace some things. 


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