Samba backends

Shahms E. King shahms at
Wed Jul 18 15:42:51 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Shahms E. King wrote:
>>I'm currently working on this, and trying to do something about the
>>hodge-podge of conflicting code present in it at the moment.  It's
>>still not what I'd call "robust" to put it mildly, (nor am I anything
>>like an "official" maintainer) but LDAP support is high on at least
>>some of our lists, and it sounds like is being developed, or at least
>>hacked on, by a number of individuals.  Given a few weeks, either I
>>will have it in a usuable state, or someone will.
> Are you working with the passdb interface in HEAD?  I'm going to
> port this into 2.2 very soon.  This will also include a TDB
> passdb backend....

At present I am not working with that interface because it is not in 2.2 
yet. (Coincidentally, I was about to begin implementing something 
similar to the interface in HEAD, when I checked it out, and saw that it 
was already being worked on).  But I have looked at that interface and 
have been "preparing" to do a port for head.  Given that I haven't been 
able to devote a lot of time to it until, well, this week, I'm still 
cleaning up some of the code and trying to stick to some coherent schema 
design, rather than the three or more conflicting schemas in the current 

I've already implemented a new configure option (probably temporary, not 
sure) for switching between these, but since I'm not finished fully 
implementing even one of them, it doesn't really DO anything yet, other 
than provide me a nice place to stick the relevant non-working code . . .


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