Samba backends

Shahms E. King shahms at
Wed Jul 18 14:49:05 GMT 2001

Matthew Geddes wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just a quick query regarding the status of some of the Samba backends
> (well, mainly the LDAP backend). Is the LDAP backend currently being
> actively developed or is it lower down the list of priorities?
> Thanks,
> Matt

I'm currently working on this, and trying to do something about the 
hodge-podge of conflicting code present in it at the moment.  It's still 
not what I'd call "robust" to put it mildly, (nor am I anything like an 
"official" maintainer) but LDAP support is high on at least some of our 
lists, and it sounds like is being developed, or at least hacked on, by 
a number of individuals.  Given a few weeks, either I will have it in a 
usuable state, or someone will.


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