WINS.DAT showing user names as machine's NETBIOS names?

Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Jul 16 21:21:14 GMT 2001

Andrew Bartlett writes:

> > Samba is version 2.2.1a and is acting as WINS server. I checked the
> > wins.dat file, and it contained most of the machine names & IP's ok,
> > but for some there were user names in the places where the machine's
> > netbios name should be! Any idea's what's causing this behaviour?
> This is unrelated, and compleatly NORMAL behaviour.  WINS not only
> allows comptuers to register their names, but the interactive user's
> name is registered as well, for the benifit of things like WinPopup.

Does anyone know if the utmp code registers all currently logged
in unix users as #20 names?


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