Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Mon Jul 16 21:10:20 GMT 2001

> My smb.conf has security=user.
> The hesitations happen when copying a file from smb share to the windows
> box.

...an SMB share mounted on a Linux system using smbmount, or are you using
smbclient (on any platform)?

> It does NOT hesitate when copying file from windows to smb share (that's
> strange...)

Hmm...  Sounds as though it could be a name resolution problem.  Maybe.

> I am using explorer to move the file in both cases.  My test file is a 40Mb
> mp3.
> It appears that if anything is monitoring eth0, the hesitations do not
> occur.  I tried grabbing packets with tcpdump, and the problem stopped (thus
> the dump doesn't tell me anything).

That's confusing.

> Could this have anything to do with my machine speed?  I am running a K6-200
> with 80Mb ram.  I would assume most people are running production servers
> with at least a PII, which may be why most people aren't seeing this?

Well, I use equal or less powerful systems (can't afford much more) so I
don't think that's it.  It's not the same as the problems into which I've 
been digging, so I'm not much use I'm 'fraid.

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