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Vopni, Jim JimV at
Mon Jul 16 19:28:22 GMT 2001

In looking at the latest 2.2 source there is a problem with the default
forms code
in nt_printing.c      I hadn't noticed this in the past since I hadn't
updated the code base
we are using.    There are 2 definitions of "Letter" in the struct and this
may  cause
drivers to select the wrong size paper when printing.  Windows is very
about the ordinance of these forms.  Another possible symptom of this error
is the not 
being able to select appropriate default Paper sizes for trays. 

Here is a patch that will fix the problem.

--- nt_printing.c.orig  Mon Jul 16 15:14:44 2001
+++ nt_printing.c       Mon Jul 16 15:15:10 2001
@@ -48,8 +48,6 @@
 array index). Letter is always first, so (for the current code) additions
 always put things in the correct order. */
 static nt_forms_struct default_forms[] = {
-       {"Letter", 0x2, 0x34b5b, 0x44367, 0x0, 0x0, 0x34b5b, 0x44367},
        {"Letter Small",0x1,0x34b5c,0x44368,0x0,0x0,0x34b5c,0x44368},

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