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My smb.conf has security=user.
The hesitations happen when copying a file from smb share to the windows
It does NOT hesitate when copying file from windows to smb share (that's
I am using explorer to move the file in both cases.  My test file is a 40Mb

It appears that if anything is monitoring eth0, the hesitations do not
occur.  I tried grabbing packets with tcpdump, and the problem stopped (thus
the dump doesn't tell me anything).

Could this have anything to do with my machine speed?  I am running a K6-200
with 80Mb ram.  I would assume most people are running production servers
with at least a PII, which may be why most people aren't seeing this?

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Does this happen if:
- You are writing from W/98 to Samba
- You are using the GUI interface (Windows Explorer)
- The Samba server is in 'security=server' mode

If so, try mounting the share using the IP address instead of the NetBIOS
name.  Yes, I know it sounds strange, but try it.  If the above conditions
are met, and this kludge fixes the problem, then it is a known problem.
(It's a Windows Explorer "feature" that shows up when the Samba server is
in 'security=server' mode.)

If things match up, let me know and I'll provide more details.

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> You wrote:
> | While pulling large files from my server to a Win98 machine, I'm
> | noticing that the data flow will just stop for about 1 sec
> ...
> Tonight I compiled 2.2.1a, and find that the problem still exists.
> [forwarded to samba-technical]
> 	That's very bad (:-()
> 	Check that you didn't accidentally restart 2.0.x and see
> 	if you can get a packet capture and logs for the team.
> 	If possible, put a log at log level = 10 and a packet
> 	capture on an ftp site so we don't have to mail them around.
> 	In not, mail them to me and I'll reduce them to just
> 	the critical bits...
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