2.2.1a and Windows "installer"

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Fri Jul 13 17:37:48 GMT 2001

An error that has occured before, but I neglected to forward the log:

When installing, MS Office 2000 or Hummingbird Maetro or anything with the
Windoze installer, I get the following error message in an "OK" only
dialog box:

Internal Error 2327.5, m:\Admin\MyPictures

I have a 12MB log level 10 if anyone would like to peruse it.

Please let me know as our development is at a standstill until we can
install software on a share.

This also happened in 2.2.0 and is not the same directory each time you
attempt to install the software.

BTW, great job on 2.2.1 we can now join with SP2 clients!



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