Patch for making 2.2.1 compile Under NCR MP-RAS (SVR4)

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Jul 12 17:41:24 GMT 2001

At 12:00 12-7-2001 -0400, John E. Malmberg wrote:
>On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Seth Mos wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have attached this patch for compiling samba-2.2.1 under NCR MP-RAS.
> > The patch is not intrusive and only changes the words TRUE and FALSE to
> > True and False because the C compiler on this system gives the "Identifier
> > is undeclared" message.
>4.9 K Application / Octect stream attachment?

Oops the mailer messed up.
I could send you the patch in the body.

>I am showing that TRUE and FALSE are not defined on Compaq C if you
>specify strict ANSI compliance.

Ok, so I how do I switch it off then?
Note: 99% percent of the code uses True and False.
It may just have been some pieces of code that slipped through.
It are only about 5-6 occurences so they seem to be typo's.
gcc does not complain and just compiles the thing.

>The proper fix would be to have these symbols defined in CONFIG.H if the
>configure script does not detect them present.

It does define False and True.

>This of course means that the configure script should also be be patched.

I don't see how this would matter.

>Even in uncompressed plain text, that should not take 4.9K.

It are basically just 5 one liners to change. But patches apply much easier.
Sigh, patch includes lines above and below it to make it possible to patch 
files which are not a hundred percent like the original so it can still 
find it's reoccurence.

> > Note that this may also fix the problems other people saw on the list with
> > other c compilers.
> > It looks like some compilers are Case Sensitive.
>I would expect a C compiler to be Case Sensitive, I seem to recall that
>being part of the language specification.
>TRUE and FALSE seem to be extensions that are common, but not permitted if
>the requesting that the headers work under the ANSI naming rules.  But
>this is just based on reading the comments in my local header files, and
>not looking in the various standard documents.
>The more subtle issue is that the last ANSI draft that I saw said
>that only 6 characters of external symbols need to be significant for
>linking, and I am not sure if they are required to be case sensitive.
>C compilers need to work on some platforms that do not have case sensitive

This makes it compile out of the box without changing compiler behaviour.
And the bad thing is that there are no other compilers available on NCR 
MP-RAS except the default one and gcc doesn't compile.

> > I checked the compile and it still works under x86-linux-gnu-gcc.
> > I am not on the list.
> > Cheers


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