Accessing CVS-WEB?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jul 11 17:57:19 GMT 2001

> > Can you show me where in the W3C specs it says that gzip encoding is part
> > of the standard?  It may be there, as the W3C validator can read the page
> > (though it does cough up an error message...missing ALT tag).
> Wrong standard - the gzip stuff is part of the HTTP standard. 
> Specifically, the client supplies an "Accept-Encoding" field with
> "gzip" (along with any other encodings it can handle), and the server
> responds using whatever encoding is appropriate, specified in the
> "Content-Encoding" field.


Do you know if this is specific to HTTP 1.1 and later or should this work
with a 1.0 browser?  I have no idea if John's browser is 1.0, I'm just 

> That said, the CVS-web interface should be checking this field before
> assuming that the browser supports gzip...


Thanks again!

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