ldap and password/group API redesign?

Shahms E. King shahms at shahms.com
Wed Jul 11 16:25:05 GMT 2001

I'd like to finish/re-write the current LDAP code in Samba and get it to 
a usable state, but I wanted to post to the list and see if anyone else 
was actively working on this (the marginally outdated "Projects" page on 
samba.org says it's in DESIGN), so I could avoid code and effort 
duplication if possible.  Also, the projects page indicates that the 
password and group stuff is undergoing a redesign, which, were I to 
write a working LDAP backend for the current design would necessitate 
rewriting it for the new API (also producing "wasted" code and effort). 
  The page also seems to imply that the same folks who might be working 
on the LDAP stuff are also working on the API redesign, so communicating 
with them would be in my best interest ;-)

Is the latest and greatest in this regards in the CVS, or is there 
someone/someplace else I should look?

--Shahms King

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