WINS.dat question

Tim Carr cygnusx__1 at
Tue Jul 10 19:17:07 GMT 2001

Ok, after a LONG time (an hour), the WINS server has finally registered a 
#20 entry for the client in question.  The client changed it's IP cuz I 
rebooted it, and that hasn't yet reflected in the #03 and #00 entries, but 
when it does, I guess everything will work.

So I suppose it just takes longer for the WINS registration to work if it's 
via tunnels....

Thanks for all your help guys.


>From: "Christopher R. Hertel" <crh at>
>To: Tim Carr <cygnusx__1 at>
>CC: don_mccall at, samba-technical at
>Subject: Re: WINS.dat question
>Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:01:23 -0500 (CDT)
> > Thanks for the reply. I do have all the file-sharing stuff installed on 
> > MS client, it has shared files that are set up properly (can double 
>click on
> > itself in network neighborhood and see shared stuff); however due to the
> > fact it's connected via PPTP, it won't properly put a #20 entry in 
> > Any ideas?
>No idea.  If the other names are making it into the database I can't
>imagine why this wouldn't.
>From another machine (a machine *not* on the same remote network as the
>PPTP connected machine) try doing an nbstat (nbtstat?  It's a DOS command)
>and look for that name.  Even better, if you have another Samba system
>use Samba's nmblookup.  For nmblookup, specify the WINS address using the
>-U option, and also use the -R option.

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