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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Jul 10 19:13:21 GMT 2001

> >See John's message on this, and note that the #20 name is not needed if
> >you are being a simple client.  If you wish to share files over the PPTP
> >tunnel then you may simply need to turn on the server service, as John
> >described.
> Yes, the #20 IS needed. Other MS machines won't connect to the client 
> missing the #20 due to the fact it's missing.

I said "if you are being a simple client".  See above.

> The server service _IS_ on.  If I connect this client locally over the 
> ethernet with no changes to any services, the #20 appears.  Only over PPTP 
> tunnels does it not appear, and I believe it has something to do with the 
> way Samba is interpreting interfaces or whatever... Any ideas?

If the other names are appearing in Samba's database when used via PPTP,
then I doubt that it is Samba.  If I understand your description
correctly, nmbd is receiving the other names and registering them just
fine.  I know of no reason it would make an exception for this name.

Basically, if the other names work then I'm lost as to why this one
wouldn't.  I assume that you can use the IP address to connect to the 
service.  Is that true?

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