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Tue Jul 10 18:38:31 GMT 2001

Thanks for the reply. I do have all the file-sharing stuff installed on the 
MS client, it has shared files that are set up properly (can double click on 
itself in network neighborhood and see shared stuff); however due to the 
fact it's connected via PPTP, it won't properly put a #20 entry in wins.dat. 
Any ideas?

Tim Carr

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>Hi Tim,
>00 type is the standard workstation service
>03 is the messenger service
>20 is the fileserver(printserver) service;
>So for instance, the computer that you mention below
>is registering that it is running the workstation service,and the messenger
>service (can accept winpopup messages), but it is NOT sharing out any files
>or printers.  You would get this kind of registration for instance if you
>did NOT install the 'file and printer sharing or Microsoft networks'
>component on a win2k professional system (you would still be able to attach
>to other computer's file and print shares, but you wouldn't be able to 
>out any of your own directories or locally attached printers)....
>By the way, a list of the most common 'resource types' for netbios names 
>be found on page 15 of the O'reilly "Using Samba" book...
>Hope this helps,
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>Subject: WINS.dat question
>In the WINS.dat file I see lotsa entries of workgroups and computers. I 
>that WORKGROUP#1B is the DMB.. but what i'm curious about is the
>COMPUTERNAME#xx entries, where xx=00/03/20.  I have one computer that isn't
>properly authenticating to the WINS server (because it has a complicated
>connection); it doesn't get a #20, although it DOES get a #03 and #00.
>Please can someone explain what #00 #03 and #20 refer to? Thanks!
>Tim Carr
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