BUGFIX: TORTURE.C - Fixes to allow builds with Compaq C

John E. Malmberg malmberg at Encompasserve.org
Tue Jul 10 15:56:43 GMT 2001

 Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Any chance of getting these in diff -u format?  Then I might have a
> fighting chance of
>  (a) seeing exactly what the changes are
>  (b) applying them (at least to HEAD, I try not to touch SAMBA_2_2)

I do not have that "diff" utility currently installed on my systems.

I have recently located binaries for that "diff" that are
reported to work on OpenVMS, and I will try to run them off for you this
week.  I assume a direct E-mail other than posting them to the mailing
lists again?

I was under the impression that the CVS snapshot that I was downloading
is from the HEAD stream, but I really do not know.
wb8tyw at qsl.network
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