WinMe ?

Danilo Godec danci at
Fri Jul 6 06:07:31 GMT 2001

Even though this is a little bit off topic:

I have a small network consisting of one Samba server, one Win95, one
Win98, two Win Millenium and a few Mac's (they don't matter, probably).

The problem is, that two Win Millenium machines can't connect to each
other, while every other possible combination works. That is, Win95 can
connect to each and every other Windows & Samba machines, the same goes
for Win98, WinMe (both of them) can also connect to Win95, Win98 and
Samba. Also, the Samba machine can easily connect to all of Windows
workstations. It's just the two WinMe that have problems with each other.
They do appear in the browse list, however.

Anyone observed such behaviour allready (and possible got a solution)?

Thanks, D.

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