configure gets PICFLAG wrong on UnixWare

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Jul 5 22:12:04 GMT 2001

Michael Davidson wrote:
> I just tried building HEAD on a UnixWare system and got a flood
> of very strange warning messages from the compiler as it tried
> to build the PIC objects for the libsmbclient shared library ...
> UW: cc: warning -o has renamed the output of -P, perhaps unintentionally
> On closer examination I discovered that configure had decided that
> the PICFLAG for the compiler should be -fPIC.
> Unfortunately, -fPIC is a legal (OK, *almost* legal) option to the
> UnixWare C compiler, but it doesn't mean "generate PIC code" ...

As this is a unixware wierdness can't we fix it the same
way we do for HPUX, by adding a special check (like the
HP -ae fix).


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