samba-tng automisation?

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Thu Jul 5 12:00:11 GMT 2001


I run a bussiness network and I want to use Samba-TNG.
I know it isn't recommended but yet i think it is pretty stable
already...Problem is: I need to create 600 users.
Now..I don't wan to add manually 600 users in samedit.
So, my question...isn't samedit automisable?

Something like: samedit -S . -U user ... -options=createuser blah -p pass

Please answer this mail as it is kind of urgent.

Btw: We want to use tng because samba 2.2 can't handle NTDomaingroups.
I need those groups for poledit. Unless you know how, I'll continue trying
with TNG.

Thanks in advance,

Love to be hearing from you,

kind regards,


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