the big character set change

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jul 4 12:23:27 GMT 2001

Some more info I forgot to mention.

If your OS does not have the iconv() calls in its C library then the
only character sets you will have available are "ASCII", "UCS2" and
the test character set "WEIRD". If you do have the iconv library then
all of your system character sets defined in your iconv system will be
available. On Linux you can list these character sets using "iconv --list"
On my system I have 892 character sets available although many of
those are aliases and even more of them are useless as they don't obey
the character set rules I outlined in my last email.

I may end up building UTF8 into Samba so those of you with broken or
old OSes can still use a good character set, but meanwhile you will
have to set "dos charset = ASCII" and "unix charset = ASCII" if you
don't have iconv(). Samba will detect whether you have iconv() at
compile time using autoconf. Look for HAVE_NATIVE_ICONV in
include/config.h for the result of this test.

Cheers, Tridge

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