Potential Win95 Show stopper ?

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Wed Jul 4 06:30:50 GMT 2001

> Hi Guys,
> We just downloaded the latest CVS about 3 hours ago.
> We still have a problem with vanilla WIN95 on our test 
> Solaris 8 servers
>  From the Window 95 command line we can see all files,
>  From the Windows Explorer, we can only see files with . 
> (dots) in the name.
> If we show hidden files, then we can see all the hidden files well as 
> they have a dot in the name as well so I don't think its anything
> to do with Hiden files and that sort of thing.

Maybe 'filemonitor' 
could light up what's going on with file listing ?

Ulf Bertilsson

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