WINS + browsing question

Tim Carr cygnusx__1 at
Tue Jul 3 13:54:34 GMT 2001

> > Many thanks for your continued help!
>Browsing is an area of current interest.
> > Let me make my situation more clear, and I think your next email to me 
> > clear everything (else) up.
> >
> > I have two workgroups, say W1 and W2, and two subnets, say S1 and S2.  
> > the machines on W1 are in S1, and all the machines in W2 are in S2.
> > (Imagine two corporate offices, one in hawaii, the other in new zealand,
> > each with 100 computers, hawaii's on W1/S1, nz's on W2/S2).
> >
> > At the moment each workgroup/subnet (each corporate office) has a linux
> > samba machine which acts as both the DMB _and_ the LMB, and all the 
> > machines on the workgrp/subnet are local to it.  So there are TWO DMB
> > machines, trying to remote browse sync to each other, from different 
> > and different workgroups.  Is this wrong? Should one of those machines, 
> > the one in nz, be only an LMB, and not a DMB?
>Given that W1 is entirely on S1 and W2 is entirely on S2, remote browse
>sync is the only way I know of actually doing this.  Now that I have a
>clearer picture, I'd say you don't even need the DMBs.
>Make sure that the Samba servers are, indeed, winning the browser
>elections and are running as LMBs.  Also use the specific IP addresses of
>the remote Samba servers.  Many routers block directed broadcast (which is
>used in the example in smb.conf).
>Let me know.

Ok, i've got it working.  I have two DMBs, one per subnet/workgroup, each 
remote browse syncing to the other.  The extra machines don't show up in 
browse.dat for some reason, but the M$ clients can browse to remote machines 
no problem.  One DMB is a WINS server, and ALL the clients on both subnets 
use it, in addition to the other DMB -- hence all machines can get the 
appropriate IPs.

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