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On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Steve Langasek wrote:

> But there are Linux users around who *don't* care about Linux's
> penetration of the desktop market and *do* care about the quality of
> the packaging system. Debian, of course, has a much higher than
> average percentage of these people. And don't they have the right?
> Isn't the "Linux revolution"<tm> about freedom -- including the
> freedom to be a technology hermit?  Or have we as users given that up
> now in order to get a bigger piece of the desktop?

So I know I'm going to regret this, but no one has made any technical
points about RPM vs. dpkg.  It's all "XXXX is superior IMO because
it handles XXXXX better".  But no one has offered anything but
opinions about these statements.

Here's an interesting point to make:

  A single common interface for packaging makes it
  easy for application writers **and users** to
  have the freedom to switch among Linux vendors
  at will.

Many people I know who are used to RPM based distros hate
Debian because of the different packaging interface.  So
say what you want, but a single common interface for
packaging, promotes a users freedom because of the lack
of a need to relearn.

Want to know what people like Windows?  Because <ALT>+F -> "S"
saves the file 99% of the time.  Let me rephrase that,
People like windows because of the consistency and availabilty
of applications.

So again I ask, if a packaging system installs, removes,
and detects dependencies, what more do you need?  The FTP/HTTP
updates are fluff and can be added on top.  From a sysadmin
perspective (and I do a lot of this on my own boxes, and for
others), I have never seen an advantage of dselect over RPM.
With the exception of automatic dependency selection, but
SuSE also does a pretty nice job of that with Yast2 (and it's
based on RPM).


  In conclusion, if only one point of this message sticks,
  my point is that a common packaging system promotes freedom
  to choose your (sysadmins, developers, & users) vendor
  based on the other merits of the system (kernel, app selection,
  stability, etc...)  People inherently stick to the packaging
  system they are comfortable with and will therefore often not
  try other distros (of which there are >200 at last count).
  **That** is a loss of freedom for everyone.


cheers, jerry
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