LSB compatible Samba ?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jul 2 22:52:41 GMT 2001

Steve Langasek wrote:
> But there are Linux users around who *don't* care about Linux's penetration
> of the desktop market and *do* care about the quality of the packaging system.
> Debian, of course, has a much higher than average percentage of these people.
> And don't they have the right?  Isn't the "Linux revolution"<tm> about freedom
> -- including the freedom to be a technology hermit?  Or have we as users given
> that up now in order to get a bigger piece of the desktop?

I've been having a big argument with Chris on this
point over email :-). I want more ISV's to port to
Linux. I only ever run Windows in vmware sessions to test
Samba now, so I *hate* having a limited choice of desktop apps.
It affects me personally.

> So how much freedom and technical superiority are all Linux users expected to
> give up in order to accomodate the desire to make the OS appealing to
> end-users?  And if we sacrifice freedom and technical superiority, what's left
> that makes Linux different from Windows?

The source code :-).

> I understand and sympathize with the desire expressed by many who work for
> Linux vendors that Linux be able to take over the desktop market as soon as
> possible.  But if that comes at the expense of the very things that make Linux
> a worthwhile proposition for the users, then I'm ok with seeing the desktop
> market grow at a slower pace.

Ah bum. It's nothing to do with working for a Linux vendor
(who doesn't sell any desktop stuff btw :-) and much more
to do with having to support my mother who runs Windows 9.x
and *hates* it - but can't get the apps she wants under
Linux. Plus *I* can't get all the apps I want (where is
my Linux half-life port :-).

I want to fix that :-).


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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