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Mon Jul 2 21:25:30 GMT 2001

> Many thanks for your continued help!

Browsing is an area of current interest.

> Let me make my situation more clear, and I think your next email to me will 
> clear everything (else) up.
> I have two workgroups, say W1 and W2, and two subnets, say S1 and S2.  All 
> the machines on W1 are in S1, and all the machines in W2 are in S2.  
> (Imagine two corporate offices, one in hawaii, the other in new zealand, 
> each with 100 computers, hawaii's on W1/S1, nz's on W2/S2).
> At the moment each workgroup/subnet (each corporate office) has a linux 
> samba machine which acts as both the DMB _and_ the LMB, and all the other 
> machines on the workgrp/subnet are local to it.  So there are TWO DMB 
> machines, trying to remote browse sync to each other, from different subnets 
> and different workgroups.  Is this wrong? Should one of those machines, say 
> the one in nz, be only an LMB, and not a DMB?

Given that W1 is entirely on S1 and W2 is entirely on S2, remote browse 
sync is the only way I know of actually doing this.  Now that I have a 
clearer picture, I'd say you don't even need the DMBs.

Make sure that the Samba servers are, indeed, winning the browser
elections and are running as LMBs.  Also use the specific IP addresses of
the remote Samba servers.  Many routers block directed broadcast (which is
used in the example in smb.conf). 

Let me know.

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