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Mon Jul 2 21:06:14 GMT 2001


> I already have a DMB; actually, I have two.  I have two completely different 
> subnets, remote from each other. Each is on one workgroup, so there are a 
> total of two workgroups.  The LMB of each subnet is also the DMB, because I 
> figured this was the way to go... What I want is to have each DMB's 
> browse-list the same, by having each DMB get unknown machines from the other 
> DMB's blist.  Perhaps this isn't happening because I have two DMBs? Perhaps 
> one should only be an LMB ? (i'm just guessing that, from your message).

If the workgroup names are the same, and all machines are using the same
WINS server, and you have only *one* DMB, then it should work.

If the workgroup names are different, then you need to have members of
each workgroup on each subnet.  If there is no representative of
workgroupA on subnet1, then you won't be able to retrieve the browse list
for workgroupA on subnet1.  You need an LMB in order to find the browse 

Hope that helps.  It's a difficult topic.

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