ACLs on Digital UNIX

Michael Davidson md at
Mon Jul 30 16:38:51 GMT 2001

> The function which is failing is map_acl_perms_to_permset(), and it
> in turn must be failing because either sys_acl_clear_perms() or
> sys_acl_add_perm() is failing ... which is somewhat bizarre since
> both of these are trivial mappings onto the underlying acl_*
> functions.


Well, as it turns out *both* acl_clear_perm() and acl_add_perm()
are failing - and they fail even in a trivial test program, which
leads me to wonder just how much the ACL interface on Digital UNIX
has ever been used.

Both of these funtions, and several others, map onto an underlying
and undocumented acl_mod_perm() function which appears to be
responsible for all permset manipulations.

A quick search through Compaq's web site didn't reveal any known
problems with ACLs, although I may have missed something since
the search engine isn't very smart and, unfortunately "acl" is
a substring of "Oracle" which results in a *lot* of spurious matches ...

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