[jcifs] 0x1B names.

James Nord teilo at teilo.net
Sun Jul 29 08:38:56 GMT 2001

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

>Quick question...
>(Yes, I ask a lot of these.  I don't get many answers though.  A shame.)
>The 0x1B name represents a Domain Master Browser (DMB).  In Microsoft
>terms this is also a PDC.  Microsoft created a special extension to handle
>these names.  You can send a wildcard query with an 0x1B name type to a WINS
>server and it will return a list of up to 25 DMB names.
>...or so I'm told.  I'd like to see this in a capture, if anyone has one.
We have a MS Wins Server (NT 4), so I can capture one.  

How would I stimulate one to be captured??


>I want to know what the padding character is.  It could either be a space
>(common for most name queries) or a nul (used for wildcard queries).  It
>could be that both are acceptable.  I don't have a Microsoft WINS server
>to test against.
>Chris -)-----

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