Best rpcclient code?

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Jul 27 22:56:19 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter writes:

> On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, John Trostel wrote:
> > Any timeline on the enum_users and enum_groups?
> >
> > That was the part I needed to go to TNG for
> We should have this in 2.2 now I would think (although I
> should check) because it is needed for winbind, right Tim? :)
> It just make not be coded into rpcclient yet.

fruitflan:~$ bin/rpcclient NPSD-PDC2 -U%

rpcclient $> enumdomgroups
group:[Domain Admins] rid:[0x200]
group:[Domain Guests] rid:[0x202]
group:[Domain Users] rid:[0x201]
group:[group1] rid:[0x408]
group:[group2] rid:[0x409]
group:[group3] rid:[0x40a]
group:[Printer Admins] rid:[0x3f8]

rpcclient $> querydispinfo
RID: 0x1f4 Account: Administrator       Name:   Desc: Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
RID: 0x1f5 Account: Guest       Name:   Desc: Built-in account for guest access to the computer/domain
RID: 0x3ea Account: test        Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x403 Account: tpotter     Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x3f3 Account: user0       Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x3f4 Account: user1       Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x3f5 Account: user2       Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x3f6 Account: user3       Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x3f7 Account: user4       Name:   Desc: 
RID: 0x82f Account: whoops-ptang        Name:   Desc: 


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