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Joe Meslovich joe at
Thu Jul 26 20:15:45 GMT 2001

	My campus uses the Eudora email client our client PCs are Win 2k
and the servers are Solaris 8 servers running Samba 2.2.1a. The eudora
program creates a file called OWNER.LOK to ensure that only one user is
accessing a set of mailboxes at a time. That file exists while the
mailboxes are in use and it is supposed to disappear after the program
closes. What we have seen are OWNER.LOK files sticking around even after
the program is closed. When I did an smbstatus on a perticular user that
was having problems with that file sticking around I got this output:

8476   DENY_NONE  RDWR       LEVEL_II  /export/home/facstaff/jatkins/eudo
ra/OWNER.LOK   Thu Jul 26 11:57:18 2001
8476   DENY_NONE  RDWR       LEVEL_II  /export/home/facstaff/jatkins/eudo
ra/OWNER.LOK   Thu Jul 26 11:55:54 2001

	The occurance of the dual LEVEL_II oplocks is what concerns me.
How can a single process lock a file in a LEVEL_II lock twice?

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